Live life in your sweet spot! 


God has designed you with unique gifts and talents. When your passions and gifts connect with God's purpose, you experience the sweet spot of life at its best.

Starting Point is a 3 session course held on Sunday’s after the second service at 12:45pm. Each 90 minute session will help and equip you to discover the basics to a healthy and fruitful spiritual life. Everyone is welcome to join in at any session. 

Welcome To Church Party Lunch 101 - Pastors Anthony & Madeleine welcome you to a lunch where you will hear the heart and history of Calgary Life Church. Its a great opportunity to meet the team and discover where you might fit in this adventure. 

Dream Team Discovery 201 - Live Life In Your Sweet Spot: This session is all about you and its a fun one! Here you will discover how God made you with a unique personality, passions and gifts and how you can make a difference with your life. 

Now with a better understanding how God made you, this session will provide the opportunity to make a difference by being connected to a team of your choice that best suits your gifting - knowing you were born for this. 

Essentials 301 - How To Grow Spiritually: This session puts the tools in your hand to equip you to have a healthy growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This is an absolute essential for every person desiring to grow in their faith. 

Upcoming Sessions

Welcome To Church Party 101: March 3rd @ 12:45pm

Dream Team Discovery 201: March 10th @ 12:45pm

Essentials 301: March 17th @ 12:45pm

Welcome To Church Party 101: April 28th @ 12:45pm

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