Phil Camden lives with his wife Lenore in Redhead Beach, Newcastle, Australia.

He is 56 years old and is renowned for ministering the Word of God in a way that is God-breathed and relevant.

He has dedicated much of his life, including 30+ years as a Church pastor, to establishing and strengthening the local Church so that it can become all that God intended.

Phil draws on his lifelong call to bring you revelation from God in a way that will build a platform for God’s best in all areas of your life.

Phil grew up in Pennant Hills, Sydney.  His was a dysfunctional household, and he was surrounded by alcoholism, gambling and domestic violence from a young age.  At the age of eight, the family across the road invited him to Church.  From then, his life was turned around for the better and he hasn’t looked back.

Phil met his wife Lenore at the age of 13.  She was the Pastor’s daughter at the church he and his family attended.  Phil & Lenore married in 1979 when Phil was just 19 years old.  They remain each other’s best friend.

There is nothing more important to Phil than his family.  His grown daughters are both married and live near to him. His grandchildren Lucas, Daniel  and Maya have brought the entire family much joy.

Phil worked in Sydney as a Manager of Coles-Myer until 1984, when he attended full-time Bible College and moved to Melbourne to become a Youth Pastor.

In 1990, Phil and his young family pioneered Burwood Christian Life Centre, now Edge Melbourne.  Phil and Lenore were Senior Pastors of Coastlife Christian Church on the Sunshine Coast (1995 – 2000), and Executive Pastors at Life church, New Zealand (2000 – 2007).  Most recently, they pastored a thriving and fast-growing Church in Newcastle.  Phil has also served the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) in New South Wales as an executive member and leading the Hunter and New England region of the ACC.

Phil handed the Newcastle Church over to Ps Brain and Bobbie Houston and is now a Hillsong Campus.

Phil has sown into leaders beyond Australian shores, and taken teams to the Congo to speak to Business leaders and University students at an annual Business Integrity and Governance summit in DR Congo.

In 2013, Phil was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) a terminal illness with an average life expectancy of 27 months.  He is well known for saying “I may have MND but MND does not have me.”  Phil hopes to inspire others and encourage fellow-sufferers amidst his journey.  To date, there are no treatments or known cure for MND.

To learn more about Phil, visit his website today: https://fridayswithphil.com