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The goal of Kingdom Builders is to raise up, encourage, train, coach & equip new & existing business leaders in the Church to be Kingdom Builders and Kingdom givers!

As spirit filled Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders we must learn to be guided by Gods word and led by the Holy Spirit to a place of abundant giving. It is our responsibility to fund evangelism, missions, outreach ministries, and our local Church. The Holy Spirit will position us to Bless the work being done on earth to advance His Kingdom! 

 We will be hosting multiple seminars over the upcoming months. These are worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars but CLC is offering them free of charge in efforts to train and equip Christian Business Leaders. You will get the opportunity to hear from experienced business leaders who will share their successes and failures in the market place. STOP making excuses for moving your dream forward, todays a great day to start!!

 Just a small sample of our Kingdom Builder Seminars topics:

  • The Power of a God given dream and a God given imagination
  • How to turn a business idea into reality
  • Strengthening your commitment to succeed…effort equals results 
  • Overcoming fears, internal & external roadblocks and objections that can hinder us from starting, buying or growing a business
  • How to use both our successes and past disappointments as a catalyst 
  • Create strategies for marketing, performance management, sales growth, expansion, human resources  & operations
  • The importance of creating passive income for the Kingdom of God and your future 
  • Understanding the principles of tithing, sowing and reaping as a means to Bless the Kingdom and share Jesus 
  • Creating a mission statement & defining core values
  • Financial planning and the preparation of a will as an entrepreneur

First Seminar :

Saturday September 23rd 9:00AM Sharp

Two Sessions (two short breaks included in the day)


Seminar Title:  Identifying and Removing Roadblocks that Hold us Back from Fulfilling our God Given Dreams

Dan will kick off the launch of our Kingdom Builders Ministry here at Calgary Life Church and cover topics that will both motivate and challenge you. Most all of us have experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in life and in business. How we respond to those roller coaster “pothole moments” can affect our God ordained destiny. During this very open and honest session we will discover together how we identify and remove roadblocks to success both personally and professionally.

Ø  Don’t allow your past to cheat you of your future

Ø  How to identify your God inspired dreams and move them forward

Ø  The bedrock for your “plan”

Ø  How your success can be a blessing to our local Church and others

Facilitator: Dan Eddy is a Christian businessman and entrepreneur with 35 years’ experience through new start-ups and large corporations and has been involved as a volunteer in many forms of Church Ministry since 1983. Dan loves working with companies in desperate need of direction, wisdom and effective strategies, encouraging the changes required to build success. Dan has always had the desire to see the local Church teach and coach entrepreneurs and business professionals, thus Kingdom Builders was born.

Dan has been blessed with many opportunities to speak to business leaders, Church groups, large corporate gatherings and outreach events. As a multi award winning Regional and National Manager Dan has a strong work ethic and focused approached that has allowed him to build strong long lasting business and government relationships internationally. Known as a gifted communicator, marketer and strategic planner Dan designs and implements corporate strategies that encourages alignment to each organizations vision and culture. As an experienced entrepreneur Dan also believes it is very important that those involved in ministry, and in business, have a few “grey haired” folks around them to draw upon Holy Spirit inspired wisdom. Dan is as comfortable working in overalls “down in the trenches” as he is speaking to 1000 guests at an industry function.  

In his off time, Dan is also known as an accomplished race car driver having competed as a factory Ford driver for several years. Dan and his family were blessed to have be able to own and lead a Christian race team to 6 Championships including in 2011 where their son became the first Canadian in history to win a United States based NASCAR Championship. Together they experienced great success and used this incredible platform as another opportunity to spread the good news of Jesus on both sides of the border.

Dan’s beautiful bride Debbie has been his soul mate for 33 years and they have been blessed with two wonderful children.



Title: Everything You Need to Run a Business or Organization in One Page

Each and every one of us has the capacity to start and lead something amazing and profitable.  Building that business or running that organization or launching that start-up is risky, stressful, challenging, hard work, and yet, really fun!  Even the very best have some false starts along the way.  The key is uncovering the processes and structures to take your incredible idea, bold vision, and leadership capacity and shape it into a working model.  In this experiential and interactive workshop, we will take a dive into:

Ø  10 Steps in the Evolution of a Successful Business or Organization

Ø  Crafting Your Go-Forward Plan

Ø  Getting Your Business Model Into One Page

 Facilitator:  Abe Brown is the Coach’s Coach, and is the Founder and President of Momentum Coaching (, and the President of the Certified Coaches Federation (  Momentum Coaching is a recognized front-runner in leadership and business coaching nationally, and The Certified Coaches Federation has trained and certified over 13,000 Life and Executive Coaches in the last 9 years.  Abe is also an international best-selling author, and has developed life and business coaching tools which have been put into use all over North America and the world.  Abe has started and run several organizations from $100,000 up to $40 million in annual revenue, in both the profit and non-profit worlds, and is the Executive Director of Inn from the Cold, a Calgary-based non-profit devoted to ending homelessness for families.  Abe is the proud husband of his wife Euniz, the proud father of three amazing children, has an MBA with a Finance Specialization from the University of Calgary, and a Master’s degree in Religious Education and Counselling.