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The goal of Kingdom Builders is to raise up, encourage, train, coach & equip new & existing business leaders in the Church to be Kingdom Builders and Kingdom givers!

As spirit filled Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders we must learn to be guided by Gods word and led by the Holy Spirit to a place of abundant giving. It is our responsibility to fund evangelism, missions, outreach ministries, and our local Church. The Holy Spirit will position us to Bless the work being done on earth to advance His Kingdom! 

 We will be hosting multiple seminars over the upcoming months. These are worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars but CLC is offering them free of charge in efforts to train and equip Christian Business Leaders. You will get the opportunity to hear from experienced business leaders who will share their successes and failures in the market place. STOP making excuses for moving your dream forward, today's a great day to start!!

 Just a small sample of our Kingdom Builder Seminars topics:

  • The Power of a God given dream and a God given imagination
  • How to turn a business idea into reality
  • Strengthening your commitment to succeed…effort equals results 
  • Overcoming fears, internal & external roadblocks and objections that can hinder us from starting, buying or growing a business
  • How to use both our successes and past disappointments as a catalyst 
  • Create strategies for marketing, performance management, sales growth, expansion, human resources  & operations
  • The importance of creating passive income for the Kingdom of God and your future 
  • Understanding the principles of tithing, sowing and reaping as a means to Bless the Kingdom and share Jesus 
  • Creating a mission statement & defining core values
  • Financial planning and the preparation of a will as an entrepreneur



AXEL DYCKERHOFF: Axel will teach us about the importance of working effectively with people, from seeing and treating them as God does (including ourselves) to being wise and diligent in developing the knowledge and levels of trust with the people required to build a successful business. Having studied the Bible extensively and having worked in a wide range of roles in small to large and young to mature organizations Axel is excited to share the important lessons he has learned about identifying and appropriately dealing with the
stakeholders in any venture.

Axel is a professional mechanical engineer with nearly 23 years of project, program, and department management experience in technical and sales roles in a multi-national oil company. Rather than coasting toward  retirement when his career at the oil company peaked he sought and enjoyed the challenge and rewards of holding senior leadership roles in smaller companies over the past 7 years. Over the past 20 years or so Axel and his wife Erika have made significant investments in a number of entrepreneurial pursuits, from supporting 4 diverse start-up companies; to renting, renovating, and flipping 5 homes in Calgary and beyond. They have nearly completed raising 5 wonderful children. Axel believes that we can learn much from both our mistakes and our successes and he is passionate about equipping and investing in enterprising people and in expanding the Kingdom of God.


Session Notes November 18th

If you are interested in presenting at an upcoming Kingdom Builders seminar please complete the “Kingdom Builders Speaker Application" form. 
After submitting your request a member of our Kingdom Builders Business Advisory Committee will contact you within 5 business days to discuss your application in detail and the required steps for final speaker approval.


We value your input! Please visit the link below and share with us your feedback about Kingdom Builders as your well ideas for future events. Thank you for your time.

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